2016 Ontario Budget/ Energy-Savings Home Retrofits

Note:  Energy-Saving Home Retrofits

Energy-Saving Home Retrofits

As part of the Province’s climate change strategy, the government is dedicating $100 million of its $325 million Green Investment Fund to help about 37,000 homeowners conduct audits to reduce their energy bills by identifying energy-saving opportunities and completing retrofits, such as replacing furnaces and water heaters and upgrading insulation. Ontario is also dedicating an additional $92 million to social housing energy retrofit initiatives, which will encourage the replacement of older, less efficient boilers, windows and insulation, and the installation of LED lighting.




Income Properties on Vacation with Scott Mcgillivrary, Spray Foam Job

Income Properties
http://www.hgtv.ca/video/justin/video.html?v=639532099832#incomepropertyonvacation/videoJustin Rutledge Income Properties EpisodeJustin Rutledge, Wellington Ontario, Income Properties

In the fall we were asked to quote on a spray foam insulation job in Wellington Ontario, the job was for Income Properties hosted by Scott McGillivrary, we got the job and the show was aired Wednesday March 9th 2016.  Attached is the link to the episode.  We only got a 5 second and a 30 second clip during the show, but it was a blast to do, we had a great time, besides getting the truck and trailer stuck in the mud at the job site.




Spray Foam Insulation Educational Tips.

Spray foam insulation that we use is Heatlok soya, a 2lb closed cell foam that can be applied to virtually any material except for poly, spray foam insulation will only separate from poly because of the porous material and the oils on the plastic.  This is why we use plastic sheathing to cover windows and floors to cover them from spray foam overspray.  As well overspray on vehicles can be harmful to the paint on the vehicles when spray foam overspray’s due to wind when spraying outside.


spray foam on vehicles