Eco-Solutions Terms and Conditions 2021

The following terms and conditions are to ensure that the worksite is ready for our crew to complete the job to meet expectations of our customer. Any questions prior to installation please call 613-329-0692
Any installations, rather being structural or aesthetic that prohibits Eco-Solutions from installing the products to Ontario Building Code Standards are not the responsibility of this contractor.
Examples: Pot lights, wood or steel beams, blocked or partially blocked soffits
Warranty does not extend to finished interior or finished exterior surfaces.


Weather is dependant on some of our applications, we will not be responsible or liable to any other trades that are scheduled if the weather does not permit us to work. We will these rescheduled ASAP.

Delay Clause

Neither Eco-Solutions or Employees are responsible or liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this contract, if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event of Force Majeure or any event that could not be reasonably foreseeable. These events include but are not limited to:
• Acts of God
• Changes in the federal or provincial law
• War, riot or act of terror
• Rebellion
• Unusually severe weather or natural disaster
• Fires, explosion or other catastrophic events
• Quarantine, both recommended self-isolation or orders from the applicable Public Health
• Disruptions to the Supply Chain due to Government shutdowns: including but not limited to Province, National, or Global declared epidemics/pandemics
• Any Province wide state of emergency, including but not limited to Province, National, or Global declared epidemics/pandemics
• Mandatory Government Shut Down
All schedules in regards to any delays will be openly communicated once the work is able to continue. Continuance of the work is fully dependent on the cause for the delay, and shall be subject to federal or provincial government and agency recommendations, as well as Supply Chain ability to continue supply.


One Year Limited Warranty This one-year limited warranty applies and is limited to our materials and workmanship be free from material defects from the date of completion. This warranty will not apply in the event of damages or loss arising directly or indirectly from roof leaks; plugged roof vents; insulation near lower and upper roof vents being displaced by to much air flow creating light and bare patches in and around vent locations; faulty interior penetrations including fan duct connections at base of roof connection; bathroom fan ducts filled with water and/or condensation; bathroom fan malfunction; any leakage from house to attic space; any work performed or materials provided by a third party; failure to follow oral or written instruction regarding maintenance; preparation or care; if the materials have been subjected to abuse, accident, act of god, abnormal environmental conditions or use contrary to our instructions. In the event of a VALID CLAIM we shall, in our discretion, either perform such repairs or replacements that may be necessary to cure defect or credit or refund the sum necessary to repair or replace.
Eco-Solutions warrants that all insulation installed to open visible spaces in new and retrofit construction projects are to R-values indicated on our proposals only. Warranty does not extend to finished interior or finished exterior surfaces.

Attics (installation/removal)

• Require clear access to the attic hatch
• Clothes, shoes, and shelving must be removed if attic hatch is in closet
• Ensure that all items in the room of the attic hatch is covered with poly sheathing or tarps. (during removal or installation, dust and particles is unavoidable), be prepared for minor dusting for a few days. Recommended that replacement of your furnace filter or other ventilation device.
• If vermiculite is detected, the work will not continue until asbestos testing is completed.
Spray Foam Installation
• A minimum of 5’ clear access from the surface to be installed.
• Items left in the room must be covered by poly drop sheets or tarps to protect from overspray.
• Isolate the spray area or room, close off any vents or cold air returns to prevent odour or mist.
• Spray foam is subject to a tolerance of +/- 1/4 inch from which the quote, contract or work order was presented.
Fireproofing/Thermal Barrier
• Require clear access to a water source or hook up.
• Ventilation of dehumidification should be provided in the area of work until the product is dry.
• Temperature sensitive – weather dependant
• Drying time varies depending on temperature and humidity

Wall Retrofit – Drill and Fill applications

• Can be done on interior walls or exterior walls
• A minimum of 5’ clear access from the walls
• Must move all furnishings, remove all fixtures and pictures from the walls to be insulated
• Two rows of holes per wall joist cavity, approx. 6-12” down from ceiling and 4” up from floor level typically 1” holes
• Finishing of these holes is up to the customer, existing lath and plaster is pro to cracking and spalling at the hole location so every hole will not be exactly 1”.
• Ensure that drapes are removed from windows
• This process is a very dusty process, every attempt to clean up what we can will be made but there will still be lingering dust for the first couple of days.